the artist:   erika ferrarin

Erika was born in Venice, Italy and immigrated to Canada with her family when she was four years old. A graduate of the Interior Design program at Algonquin College, her world is dedicated to art and design. She lives it and breaths it.

The creative talent used in her design career extends to her inspired clay creations.


Being primarily self-taught with a need to create and experiment, she found her love for clay in the early 90’s. Clay hand building techniques grants Erika the freedom to explore form and texture, and emphasize the beauty in the clay imperfections -               its creases, cracks and indentations are celebrated, happy accidents are welcomed. 


In 2005, Erika created her unique line of sculptural jewellery Wearable Ceramics by erika ferrarin, which sparked from a 'happy accident' when she broke one of her own clay sculptures. 


'Clay is my muse -

this natural material guides my ever evolving process, a collaboration of inner dialogue, decision making and manipulations with the end result being a unique (never duplicated) one-of-a-kind creation, which you can adorn and connect with.'

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