Storing your Wearable Ceramics

Like with any other piece of glass or ceramic art, your sculptural jewellery is most precious & must be handled with care. Storing it in a box with other items can increase the chances of surface damage. Dropping it may end in a broken piece. When not being worn, your sculptural jewellery should be stored hanging. Our artbox or artpod is the perfect way to care for it when not being worn, great way to enjoy it too as wall art.


   Cleaning your Wearable Ceramics

Safely clean your jewellery in a shallow dish: add 1 cup of lukewarm water, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. Place pendant in the dish, rub areas with your finger or a dishcloth, pat dry & leave flat for 3 hours. Ensure pendant is completely dry prior to wearing. 

how to care for it

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